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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Logo design project: Pinoy Bloggers

Pinoy Bloggers is a community or network of Filipino bloggers (based in the Philippines and abroad). Its purpose is allow members to get to know each other and help each other out in various issues and situations.

Maverick Communication Inc (Mavcomm) is glad that its logo design was chosen to be the official logo of the group. It is an opportunity to us to explain and demonstrate some of the important rudiments of logo design. It is part of Mavcomm’s advocacy and business to help people and small companies in their corporate identity needs.

We have published a couple of articles on corporate identity and logo design on our blog site that you may want to read to see the point of this exercise.

Planning logo design applications
Corporate identity and logo design for the net

The article is part of still-to-be completed series and part of a training/orientation lecture that Mavcomm undertakes for its clients.

Now , about the Pinoy Bloggers logo.

At its most elemental or basic, the Pinoy Bloggers consists of two elements that could be used together or separately: (1) a combination of typographic and symbolic icon, and (2) the name.

The icon is essentially an abstract rendition of the letters “P” and “B”. A very obvious rendition of the letters was avoided to allow for greater creative and imaginative interpretation of the logo.

The Philippine flag was used as basis for symbolism. Again, the very obvious references and use of certain elements were avoided to allow for greater creative and imaginative interpretation of the logo. This is also to avoid the logo from looking a bit parochial. This is a logo of Pinoy Bloggers after all, not a promotional activity of the Philippine government. The arrow was added to give the logo an illusion of movement and also to convey the message of forward looking, progressive, active.

The internet and social media dictates that logo designs should provide applications or executions for essentially square aspect ratios. However, one must not ignore traditional applications like letterheads, calling cards, horizontal streamers, backdrops, etc. From the outset, logos should take into consideration all possible applications. Although these applications may be developed later, it’s best to think about them at the conceptualization stage.

Grayscale should not be confused with solid black. Ordinarily, one can convert color logos to grayscale at a click of a button. However, this could lead to very light or indistinguishable gray tones. It’s better to set the gray tones arbitrarily. The gray tones here follow digital conversion scales, where red is lighter than blue. In traditional photography, red appears darker than blue.

Here are the solid black renditions of the logo. The solid black will give one an idea of how the logo should look for instance in documents that would be faxed or photocopied, etched in glass, engraved in metal, cut out in brass (for signage), and similar applications.

Sometimes, one would need a reverse white application of the logo. That is, the logo is white on a very dark background.

After seeing the logo in flat colors, here are some applications of the logo for badges with special effects.


And here is the color guide.

Do check our other posts for a more detailed explanation of why certain things have to be considered and done in logo design.

Tangibilizing virtuality: planning logo design applications
Tangibilizing virtuality: corporate identity and logo design for the net

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